Charles Carnahan
Was born in 1958 in Salem, Oregon, but has made his home in Alaska since
1961. His interest in art has been with him for as long as he can remember. His
early experience with artistic expression was strictly in two dimensional
drawing, both with pencil and pen and ink. He started working in three
dimensions soon after finishing high school and has been at it ever since.

Along with his interest in art, Charles Carnahan has had a fanatical interest in
the outdoors since early childhood. Being raised in Alaska, he has had ample
opportunity to view the wildlife and lifestyles of the Alaskan people on a
firsthand basis. During his high school and college years, he spent every
possible moment hunting, fishing, or fur trapping.

In 1980, Carnahan began making the bulk of his living from the sale of his
ivory and stone carvings. In 1986, he saw the culmination of a lifetime goal of
becoming a registered hunting guide in Alaska. For the last twenty eight
years, he has been supporting himself and his family ( numbering seven
members) with a combination of carving, guiding, and fur trapping. Mr.
Carnahan's work has a worldwide distribution but so far has been sold
exclusively in Alaska from Fairbanks to Ketchikan. The early work of Charles
Carnahan is signed most often simply as "Chuck".  Most work done in the last
ten years has been signed "Chuck Carnahan."

In 1997 Mr. Carnahan moved his family to Oregon to care for his 82 year old
widowed father. His father passed away in 2002 but Charler Carnahan and his
family continue to reside on the family property in Southwestern Oregon.